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Steve Bowden, President

Steve started Help at Home Senior Care Nevada after opening small senior care facilities in Auburn, California. Getting to know the seniors living in these facilities taught him about the deep sense of loss they experience leaving their homes. Through these experiences, Steve learned that with good planning and good people it’s possible to strike a balance between assistance and independence that allows seniors to thrive in the place they feel the best – their home.

Help at Home Senior Care has grown a lot over the years, but its fundamental mission has not changed. We serve seniors who need help to stay home. That requires Help at Home Senior Care to stay abreast of a constantly changing senior care environment. Our job is to not only bring the experience to support the seniors; we also provide the leadership to support the caregivers. Caregiving is a hard job. Help at Home Senior Care attracts professional and dedicated caregivers because we make it a priority to provide the recognition and assistance they deserve.

Kimberly Jones, Vice President

In 2018, Kimberly’s mother was diagnosed with Vascular Parkinsonism. It has been heart-wrenching to watch her health continue to decline. She remembers seeing her mom, in her 50s, on top of her house, reroofing it. Now in her 70s, she is barely able to put one foot in front of the other, due to Parkinsonism. This “new normal” has been a journey through difficult and uncharted territory: convincing her mom it wasn’t safe to drive her car any longer, assuring her that having a stranger help her shower would be ok, helping her accept the use of a cane, a walker and now a motorized scooter, navigating multiple doctors’ appointments with new diagnoses and prescriptions. It was all new to both of them.

However, one thing has stayed the same. It has been incredibly important to Kimberly’s mom to stay in her home. The times she has had to be in skilled nursing were some of her lowest. Being at home and having a caregiver has given her hope and a new kind of independence. This experience has been difficult for Kimberly to walk through with her mom, but it has also been very helpful as she speaks to seniors’ families who are going through similar issues.

Kimberly has been in the business of staffing for nearly 15 years: first, with clerical staffing, and now with caregivers. She loves the field of operations. With well thought out, consistent systems in place, you can assure clients’ and employees’ satisfaction. It is the best way to provide excellent customer service. Training is another passion of hers. As Kimberly works with new members of our care team, she watches them get excited about bringing hope and independence to seniors in their homes through Help at Home Senior Care’s vision of compassionate care. Seeing their desire to make a difference in the lives of seniors is a joy!

Kathy Ovenstone, Community Relations Coordinator

“When I was a teenager my grandmother had Alzheimer’s and I filled in as her caregiver on a regular basis. As an adult I have found a great sense of satisfaction in helping our aging family members and neighbors as they have recovered from surgeries, caring for their animals, being a helping hand around their house, or just being an ear by providing companionship. I am excited to be a part of the Help at Home Senior Care Team. Letting overworked family caregivers and local community resources know that in-home care is available and that it will add to a senior’s wellness and quality of life, is my mission.”

– Kathy

Halle Gonzales, Finance Manager

“Throughout my life, I have always found the time I have spent with my grandparents incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. When working with seniors here at Help at Home, my hope is that I always provide a friendly voice on the other side of the phone.”

– Halle

Rylee Butler, Staffing Supervisor

“I started caregiving right out of high school and quickly realized it was my path in life. Being a caregiver is so rewarding because of the personal connections and the relationships that are formed with seniors and their families. Through the services and support provided to clients, caregivers can leave work feeling fulfilled because they are making a difference in the seniors lives. I love being in the senior care industry because my goal is to get as much experience and knowledge as I can so I am able to help any senior get the care and service they deserve.”

– Rylee

Brittany Perez, Human Resources Coordinator

“I remember understanding the importance of caregiving early on in life by an experience that stands out to me. I was able to bring a sense of comfort and companionship to my own grandfather who had been feeling lonely and isolated. We would spend time together, talking, sharing stories, and engaging in activities he enjoyed like strumming on his guitar while he sang “Sweet Home Alabama”. Over time, I could see his spirits lift, as he became more connected to the world around him. Witnessing his new found happiness and knowing that I had made a positive impact on his well being was incredibly rewarding. It’s those moments that remind me of the power of caregiving and the importance of human connection. I felt empowered by my experience with my grandfather, so I went on to be a caregiver in our community to be a part of other seniors lives, giving them the same sense companionship while also helping them with their activities of daily living. I am honored in this next chapter to be a part of Help At Home Senior Care as a Human Resources Coordinator. To find top quality caregivers who are just as passionate and dedicated to helping seniors in our community remain safe, happy, healthy, and in their own homes.”

– Brittany

Chelsea Almanzar, Accounts Receivable Clerk

“In my time working in hospitals or spending time with the elderly in my life, I’ve realized how fulfilling it is to lend a helping hand or listening ear when they need it. Hearing the life stories and wisdom that they offer has made me cherish the time I’ve spent with seniors and has helped me see the importance of a caregiver role. Being a part of a team that provides quality care and support to seniors makes me proud and inspired to provide the same quality care on the other side of the phone.”

– Chelsea
At Help at Home Senior Care Nevada, it is our passion to give care that provides comfort, restores dignity, brings hope and promotes well-being for each and every person we serve. Give us a call at (775) 507-3111 to learn more about home care in Reno, NV or the surrounding areas, and to set up a free in-home consultation.
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