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Fall Risks and Prevention

It is expected the those aged 85 and over will number 19 million in the United States by 2050. That would make them 24 percent of elderly Americans and 5 percent of all Americans. Along with that growth comes a growing risk of senior falls. In the US, about one in four seniors report falling each year, according to the CDC. More than 60% of individuals who fall will fall again within six months. The California Department of Public Health estimates that the number of seniors aged 85 or older who died as a result of a fall more than doubled in the last decade.

Why this increase? Balance declines with age. Many factors contribute toward increased fall risks. These include: osteoporosis, sudden decrease in blood pressure, loss of muscle strength, stroke, arthritis, illness, diabetes and medications that cause dizziness. In addition, home safety hazards such as stairs and throw rugs are cited as issues.

The good news is that there are simple ways to prevent most falls. One way is by taking care of your overall health. Other ways to reduce fall risks include:

Above all, take precautions, and remain as active as possible. Preventing falls will keep you healthier longer.

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